New Facebook homepage updates may benefit businesses, advertisers

Facebook is tinkering with a few new interface changes that may benefit businesses and advertisers.

According to Search Engine Watch, Facebook intends to re-invent its homepage once again. Its newest planned additions are a "Most Recent" news stream and fixed positioning for ads and navigation.

The "Most Recent" addition aims to consolidate minor notifications - such as confirmed friend requests or liking new pages - into its own feed. The fixed position change will set site advertisements static as the user scrolls, meaning not only will there be less space for ad real estate on each page, but available spots will receive a longer impression time on viewers, The Atlantic notes.

In its current state, Facebook's sidebar ad space is virtually limitless.

Search Engine Watch adds that the new design can benefit advertisers because they'll receive more brand exposure. However, the limited number of spots will also likely mean an increase in competition and price for each position.

Local businesses can also benefit from the change, since the "Most Recent" feed gives companies more space to be seen for their page updates, as well as an increased chance of virality if a user "likes" a page.