Positive reviews for Facebook Home phone

The HTC First, or Facebook Home, phone was just released and is already changing the way users interact on social media with their mobile devices. With a more integrated and personal experience, as Mashable writer Lance Ulanoff claims, the new Facebook phone may change the way people connect with others on their smartphones, interact with brands and use local search options.

The Android phone puts Facebook at the forefront of every activity users do on the phone without sacrificing or altering the functionality of the Android. The Facebook Home integrates a lot of the social platforms features into how people use their phones, utilizing call functions, a camera, settings, Google Chrome and other Google tools, Instagram and much more. Ulanoff touts the interaction with images as a key selling point for the phone that will engage users on a new level.

Other reviewers say the phone is a solid, cost-effective start. TechCrunch said the cover feed is "surprisingly addictive" and even compared the new designs and special touches to iOS devices. 

The new phone could alter the way users interact in the Facebook realm, and marketers should take advantage of the new tools the phone has to offer and adjust local SEO efforts accordingly.