Report: Majority of websites don't link to their Facebook page

The monthly Social Share report for July 2011 from enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge recently reported on the extent to which websites contain links or plugins to their social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter, Search Engine Land reports.

According to the study's website, approximately 51 percent of the top 10,000 websites don't have a Facebook or Twitter link on their homepages.

Specifically, the poll indicated that 47 percent of top websites linked to Facebook, 42 percent had links to Twitter and 17 percent linked back to their YouTube pages.

In addition, since the second half of June, links to Google's new social network, Google +, saw a 33 percent increase in adoption rate, reaching more than 4 percent of the overall audience.

Links to social media plugins - such as Facebook's "Like" button, were also measured in the study. While less popular than actual links, plugins for both Facebook, Twitter and Google + saw increases from last month. Search Engine Land adds that despite the fact more than 40 percent of websites link to Twitter, the company's "Share" and "Instant Follow" plugins are only seeing adoption rates of around 2 percent.