Your Google, Facebook and Instagram News for August 2018

August is officially over, so we’ve rounded up the news that will affect your business in the coming months! From Google updating its local search results to Facebook adding an extra authorization step for some Pages, you won't want to miss this!

Let's get started with your August news roundup.

1. Google Posts are now showing up in branded local search results.

Google has added a Posts tab to the local pack, meaning that when a customer searches for your business, your posts could show up in that search result! This gives your business more control than ever over what customers find when they search for you.

Note: this is only happening on mobile devices right now, but it’s possible that it will expand to desktop in the future.

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2. Facebook is rolling out an authorization process for people who manage Pages with a large following.

In a push for more transparency, Facebook is going to start requiring Page managers to complete an authorization process—but only if the page has a large following. While we’re not sure exactly how large the following must be, Facebook will begin to notify Page managers in the coming weeks.

The authorization process seems pretty easy; you’ll need to secure your account with two-factor authentication and confirm your location. According to Facebook, this will only take a few minutes.

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3. Instagram is following suit by creating a set of tools that should help its users understand exactly who is behind large accounts.

Instagram users will be able to see information such as:

  • The date you opened your account
  • Any accounts you share followers with
  • Username changes over the last year
  • Country
  • Active ads

4. Twitter is recommending accounts its users might want to unfollow.

As part of a limited test to improve users’ timelines, Twitter is recommending accounts users could unfollow. This is a push to show users only the most relevant content from accounts users engage with most often.

The social network has not announced plans to roll this test out to all users, but we’ll keep an eye out for future updates and let you know if this changes.