Why Paid Advertising is Important for Mobile

It's official, smartphones and tablets have taken over desktop computers. Here is that latest telling statistic: According to a study by email firm Marketing Ink, almost 65 percent of commercial emails were opened on smartphones and tablets. This number is up more than 60 percent over the previous quarter! Mobile is the reigning king.

You can take advantage of the mobile revolution. Paid advertising has many advantages. Here is an example: If you enter "salsa lessons in Dallas Texas" in the search box, over on the side, or above the organic listings, you'll see several paid entries. In this case, likely advertisers are salsa dance teachers and dance studios.

First Page Rankings

Most people never look past the first page when using search engines. Paid ads ensure your ad is in prime position to be noticed by potential consumers.

Highly Targeted

Paid advertising solves many of the drawbacks of relying on Search Engine Optimization. It is highly targeted because it only appears when the targeted "keywords" are plugged in.

Fast Traffic

A skilled paid advertising agency can have your ads up and running in short order. You'll experience immediate boosts in traffic to your site.

I hear you saying, "That's all great, but my customers look for my product on their smartphones. What now?" There are specific things you can do to optimize your paid advertising for mobile devices.

Create Ads Made for Mobile Devices

Mobile users tend to browse more than make purchases from their devices. Often, they make the actual purchase from their desktop when they get home. Make sure your mobile ads are simple and clear.

Responsive Website

Extend a positive mobile experience for your users to your actual website. Take time to make sure your website is easily read on all mobile devices.

Use Bid Modifiers

Paid advertising is purchased using a bidding process. The system allows you to use bid modifiers for mobile. That means you can increase the odds your ads will appear on mobile devices.

With these simple strategies, you can optimize your paid advertising campaigns for mobile devices, and cash in on the hottest shift in personal computing technology in decades.