Google introduces check-in requirement

Google recently launched its check-in offers program, which will go live on Android's Google Maps for Mobile, MarketingLand reports.

The feature give business owners the option to have Google Plus users check-in at their locations on their mobile devices or tablets in exchange for redemption of an offer.

"Check-ins are a good way to promote your business online," Google's website reports. "It’s like an online tool for word-of-mouth advertising. It also associates the use of an offer with your physical location which helps connect customers both online and offline."

Businesses that deploy this free feature will offer deals in exchange for check-ins. Users will have the option to either share their location publicly with their circles or show it privately but still redeem the discount.

VentureBeat points out that these offers must be of "good quality," or Google will personally remove them.

Google's been pushing for integration with other popular social sites as well, the news source notes. The search engine giant also recently teamed with YouTube to allow Google Plus users to share what videos they were watching with their circles.