Credit card campaign integrates Google Maps

Visa will utilize Google Maps Marketing in its latest campaign to promote travel using its credit and debit cards. 

Memory Mapper, the company's new Facebook application, uses Google Maps' satellite technology to give travelers a tool to share their experiences. The app uses a person's travel photos, videos and captions to construct a visual story to share with others. 

"Travel planning and booking is inherently an online and increasingly social experience," said Alex Craddock, head of North American marketing for Visa. "Consumers turn to friends and others for ideas and recommendations to inspire their travel plans before booking their vacations and then post-trip, they want to share their experiences."

In addition, a national promotion called Trip of a Lifetime will be part of the campaign, as well as TV spots that will feature a family using Memory Mapper on vacation. The technology could be beneficial to local businesses, as users' stops will be documented on all of their friends' Facebook newsfeeds.

Travelers who own Toyota vehicles can use a new application called Toyota Friend for under-the-hood information. It is a web-based network for car owners that shows each customer's vehicles and real-time data about what's going on inside, such as oil levels, fuel and tire pressure, Marketing Daily reports. Google Maps is also integrated into the program, displaying the car's location alongside the technical information.