Download Maps Area feature prevents users from looking like tourists

A new Google Maps update available for mobile download from Google Labs eliminates the need for travelers to carry paper maps in unknown destinations, VentureBeat reports.

The Google Maps 5.7 update for Android phones lets users download a map, covering a 10-mile radius of anywhere in the world, without a signal or data plan. This feature can benefit businesses that offer Google Maps Marketing in larger, building-laden cities where signals aren't typically as strong, because people can now figure out their location in advance.

By downloading a map of an area prior to arriving at a signal-less destination, users will still have the ability to zoom in as close as they want to navigate their way around.

In addition, Google's blog points to the scale bar located on Google Maps, which is a scarcely used entity that can assist users in finding local businesses and services. Maps has approximately 20 different zoom levels, and the scale can provide information about what position a person is at - as sometimes a business may look like it's one minute away, but it may actually be one mile.