Google maps technology optimizes college football recruiting visits

A new technology for college football coaches and recruiters utilizes Google Maps to optimize routes to nationwide recruiting channels.

FieldLevel technology uses Google Maps to trace a coach's recruiting footprint, allowing them to easily identify target markets and optimize logistics on scouting trips, ultimately saving money in travel costs.

"Coaches are looking to maximize their time and dollars whenever they leave the office, says Brenton Sullivan, FieldLevel CEO. "This benefit applies to both revenue sports and Olympic sports, regardless of size or gender."

The technology lets users identify all of the prospects they intend to visit, and maps out the most efficient routes to see them, resulting in the ability to market a school to more prospects in less time. FieldLevel notes that there are 1.1 million high school football players in the country for coaches of both large and small schools to choose from, so having a sound visitation strategy can reduce confusion and scheduling conflicts.

A mobile extension of the web-based service is also available, which provides contact history and other updated information. This way, coaches and recruiters can receive real-time feedback from prospects and family members in transit.