Adjusting to the new Google Dashboard

Google leads the way in the search engine race, and keeping up with it is essential to garner the necessary online visibility it takes to grow a brand. Search engine marketers are finding new and exciting ways to promote websites online, especially on the local search level, and will continue to better understand how Google functions. The new Google Dashboard is a step in a very positive direction, as the search engine is making it easier for companies to combine their efforts on the Google platform and create a much more functional local SEO campaign.

For instance, Google Plus is putting brands on the map, allowing businesses to reach their target audiences successfully. The social platform, as Search Engine Watch explains it, will help businesses surpass competitors' efforts, develop the brand as an authority in its industry, increase website traffic and bring more conversions. Maintaining Google Plus profiles is important, but this requires marketers to stay on top of the latest search engine updates. Here are a few things from Search Engine Land to remember about the latest Dashboard upgrade:

1. Google Plus Local page improvement
SEL was happy to report that Google was able to create a better Dashboard for the Local page. Google Plus listings are now updated faster. The Dashboard provides a graph of relevant data and the structure is better fit within the Google system overall.

2. Have patience
While some features remain the same, such as the verification process for listings, companies need not act too fast with merging their information. SEL reports that Google has advised against merging old local listings with their Local page. Apparently there will be another update that will soon do the upgrade for companies and make the overall process much easier.

3. More categories
There are no longer custom categories to choose from, but there are more normal categories to pick from. Businesses can now list themselves in 10 new categories, and Google offers its own suggestions on which to pick. This could be extremely beneficial for local search purposes.

4. This isn't the end
The Dashboard updates are far from over, and SEL predicts there will be many more upgrades in the near future. Many can attest that this current Dashboard version is not the easiest to use, but it is just one step in the right direction to offer a much more cohesive and functional Google experience for local search engine marketing.