Facebook dominates most visited websites, searched terms.

A recent report from Nielsen Research revealed that Google was the No. 1 most visited site in 2011 as of October 31.

Google averaged 153,441,000 unique visitors per month - or more than one billion over the course of the 10-month period - beginning in January when researchers began studying users' browsing habits.

Facebook ranked second with a monthly average of 137,664,000 unique visitors. Yahoo placed third with 130,121,000, while Bing and YouTube rounded out the top five.

Websites that base their local SEO strategies on Google search results should be excited about this news, although a similar study conducted by Experian Hitwise contradicted Nielsen's results, finding Facebook to be the most visited site in 2011.

Either way, Facebook remains top dog in the social network environment with its 137-plus million unique monthly visitors, while Google Plus came in eighth with 8,207,000.

Experian also ranked the top search terms for 2011, and it was found that social networking terms accounted for 4.18 percent of the top 50 terms overall, a 12 percent year-over-year increase, Tom's Guide reports.

"Facebook," was the most commonly searched term, while "YouTube," "Facebook Login," "Craigslist" and "Facebook.com" rounded out the top five.