Google Allowing OpenTable Reservations Directly in Your Restaurant Listing


We’re not sure if this is a test or if it’ll be rolled out to all restaurants in the future, but it appears that Google is allowing people to book reservations through OpenTable right in your restaurant’s Google listing!

Here’s how it looks on the back end:


This will make it even easier for diners to choose your restaurant since the option is availavble directly in your listing.

In your Google My Business dashboard, you’ll see the option to “Allow bookings with OpenTable.” If you enable this option, when diners view your listing from either mobile or desktop, they’ll be able to click “Find a Table,” which will display open tables for your restaurant the same day.

Here's how it looks for users:


As you can see, the booking option allows diners to choose a time during the day in which they are searching to book a table at your restaurant.

When the diner selects a time, they will be prompted to enter their name, phone number and email address. Then, all they have to do is click “Reserve” and they’re done! Easy, right?

This doesn’t appear to be available for all restaurants (or maybe they haven’t enabled the option) because a quick search of “Restaurants Columbus showed me that some restaurants give you the option to book a table within their Google listing while others don’t.

You also need to have an OpenTable account. Otherwise, your Google listing will show "No tables available at this time."

And, since OpenTable typically charges $1 per reservations, it's possible that you'll be charged for each booking. We're looking more into this.

This is all we know about this right now, but we’ll keep you updated as any new changes roll out with Google’s OpenTable collaboration.

If you're a RevLocal client, talk to your strategist about adding this booking option to your listing!

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By Isabella Andersen