Google alters algorithm for landing pages

Google recently announced a change to its algorithm that will assign landing pages a positive AdWords Quality Score, Search Engine Land reports. This means Google will be rewarding advertisers whose landing page keywords and content are closely aligned to the keywords they're bidding on.

Landing pages had previously been viewed primarily in a negative light by Google, as advertisers could have their ads rejected or accounts suspended if a page was misleading.

Now, ads with appropriate and relevant landing pages will be able to achieve a higher Google page rank while saving money on cost-per-click bids.

"In the end, we believe that this will result in better quality experience for the users," Johnathan Alterness, director of product management on Google's ad quality team, told the news source. He added that Google has seen available landing pages of much higher quality than ads that are typically at the top of their bidding auction.

Google's blog reports that AdWords' typical 1-10 Quality Score will remain representative of keyword quality, while bid increases and better QS's will still increase ad rank.