Google impacts local search with Hotel Finder update

The growth in local SEO hasn't just affected traditional businesses like restaurants, bars and apparel stores. Local search marketing has also become a mainstay fixture in sectors that depend on a steady stream of consumers looking for the best and most local businesses, particularly those involved in travel.

The hotel industry has seen local SEO become a huge part to its overall business strategy. Consumers getting off planes or arriving in new cities are usually unfamiliar with their surroundings and depend on search results to pinpoint their best options for overnight stays.

Google has identified the importance of SEO in hotels and recently updated its hotel finder offering to put a bigger emphasis on local results. Besides adding content that includes Zagat reviews and a list of amenities offered by hotels, Google Hotel Finder now also shows the price and availability of room types for those who use the app.

Google had also recently pushed through localized versions of the hotel finder in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others, continuing its growing dedication to local SEO.