Google named best at keeping out malware

While it has not always been the case, Google is currently the best search engine at keeping malware out of its searches, according to Search Engine Land. This is especially helpful for local search efforts as companies look to build a strong consumer base without being affected by malware.

Because there is so much spam on the web, fighting malware is not easy. According to a recent study by IT security company AV-TEST, Google has come out ahead of other search engines in having the most success against malware. While search engines are still delivering sites with malware, some are better at eliminating the harmful programs than others. Google was the best with approximately 0.0025 percent of search results containing malware, while Bing, with 0.012 percent, had almost five times as many infected results.

The study showed that systems with the most up-to-date security provided the most protection against infected sites as new developments in malware are targeted toward any and all security vulnerabilities.