Google Now may be headed to Google Home Page

Marketers using Google tools for local search may be interested to know that Google Now is predicted to move to Google's Home Page. Google Now was originally only used on Android, iOS and Chrome, but new code discovered by the Google Operating System blog showed that Now may be added to the homepage. The feature allows users to customize their search settings to find news or other related searches that are tailored to their personal interests.

It makes sense that Google Now was mostly for mobile devices, but it could be very useful for users or SEOs looking to specialize their search options. In other words, Google is improving the functionality of the homepage and allowing users to take control of how they interact with the search engine. Search Engine Land also pointed out that Google knows locations and time and may be able to provide a more useful experience based on those factors.

The Google Operating System blog also mentioned that it's still unknown what the desktop version of Google Now will look like, but because it may replace iGoogle when that tool is discontinued in November, Now may appear somewhat like iGoogle with similar functions.