Google predicted to withstand mobile advances

It's no secret that mobile use is expanding at an unparalleled rate and marketers are having to quickly adapt to new consumer trends, such as local search. This multidevice era is changing the way people think and how companies reach out to customers, and as many businesses try to make their brand more visible, they may need to take on new strategies.

Local search, a key part of spreading brand awareness in today's online world, is changing with mobile trends, and some have wondered if Google will be able to stay on top with the recent emergence of mobile marketing. Search Engine Land recently reported on a New York Times article that questioned whether Google will be able to keep up, vehemently rebuking the idea. While new trends are rapidly erupting, SEL experts say Google is more than ready and is already rolling out new programs and updates to help smartphone users and marketers alike.

For instance, Google just release a new calculator tool called The Full Value of Mobile Calculator, which aids in mobile marketing efforts, according to Entrepreneur. The feature is meant to help marketers see which apps, mobile sites and other activities are working for their company and which are not.