Google's smart new conversational search has arrived

Google's new conversational voice search for Chrome - which was originally announced at the I/O developer's conference - was just released. This search feature is part of Google's efforts to enhance its local search options for users and deliver new search options. CNET reports that the phrase "Ok, Google," now synonymous with the initiation of a search in Google Glass, will be coming to Google online search as well, making the search experience completely hands-free.

According to a May 22 statement by Google, the conversational option has just started rolling out, and certain users can now click on the microphone in the search bar, ask a question and get spoken answers. What makes this new feature truly conversational is that it's smart: If you ask a follow-up question, conversational search remembers your previous question and can build on its answer. For example, if you ask "Who is the president of Chile?" and Google answers "Sebastian Pinera," you can then ask "How old is he?" and Google will recognize that "he" refers to Pinera, a task that traditional search could never perform.

However, conversational search isn't yet available for everyone, and some users that do have access report that when they attempt to use it, a "No internet connection" message pops up.