Google upgrades Google Places Dashboard

Google has reportedly started upgrading its Google Places Dashboard, and this is a significant step in the search engine's efforts to incorporate local search efforts with other Google platforms, according to Search Engine Land. The dashboard is a tool businesses use to manage the information that is visible on Google's search results.

A small step to gaining much more accessible control over local search efforts, the upgrade allows small businesses to better manage their profile information without the frustration of having to move back and forth between Google Places and Google Plus. Search Engine Land also pointed out that there is a new design to the program, easier integration overall and that more updates are soon to come.

In addition, Tech2 just reported on the Google Plus update that allows users to upload photos and sign in easier. This is key for marketers as more people will be using the platform on the go and interacting with local brands online. The upgrade allows people to share posts and other information and could be a game-changer for local search marketing. Spreading brand awareness is key and Google continues to make both the user and business online experience easier.