Google warns local businesses, one change won't mean big result jump

Local SEO has become an increasingly competitive industry with businesses striving for search result ranks and dedicating more time and resource to developing a sound local search strategy. However, many local businesses are still not totally experienced in the different functions of local SEO and often expect a slight tweak to a title tag or other aspect to immediately result in a big rankings jump.

That's just not the case, as Google's John Mueller recently explained. Local businesses are deluding themselves into thinking they found a magical remedy for their search result rankings through a small change, he said.

"Often there isn't a single 'tweak' that can be made to a website to automatically make it jump up in rankings - we use well over 200 factors in crawling, indexing, and ranking, and it's always good to work on the small things as well," Mueller wrote in a recent post on a Google Webmaster Help thread. "When looking at the bigger picture, it's useful to really take a step back, and to try to see what could be changed overall to improve the quality of the content (when it comes to our algorithms), especially with regards to the content that's indexed."

The point Mueller makes is that local businesses will have to look at their site and SEO strategy in general as one, comprehensive entirety. Trying to key in on one specific signal often won't pay off in the long-term.