How does Search plus Your World affect local search?

While many business owners are still waiting to see what sort of effect Google's new search initiative - Search plus Your World - will have on traffic to their websites, Search Engine Land recently performed a local search test to find out.

Using queries such as "Toyota Dealer," "Best Pizza, Chicago" and "Window Replacement, Walnut Creek," the site's author determined that initially, organic local search results proved to be no different than when logged into Google Plus.

The only noticeable changes were the order of some ads. However, the news source notes that in many local query scenarios, there won't be any personal results from friends.

In some searches, social network comments and links show up in results, and Google Plus pages for some brands now appear in the right-hand column.

Business2Community notes that there will also now be a spot at the very top of search results pages that provides a link to all personal results available for a query.

The bottom line, Search Engine Land explains, is that Search plus Your World now makes participation on Google Plus just as (or more) important than deploying local SEO tactics, since social results are now being weighed more heavily.