Some businesses stuck by Google Plus Local software bug

Businesses that use local SEO strategies to enhance their marketing strategies often look at Google as the be-all, end-all when it comes to local search marketing. Not only is Google one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, but it is also incredibly influential in the realm of local search marketing.

One of the most important pieces of its local SEO offerings is Google Plus Local, a social media platform that enables businesses to connect with local customers. Getting listed on Google Plus Local is an important move for local businesses. Google weighs such a presence on its own site as a plus when it comes down to the nitty-gritty and the signals it considers in caluclating page and search ranks.

However, some local business owners have encountered a problem when trying to sign up on Google Plus Local that has stuck them in the approval process for far too long.

SEO Roundtable reported that there had been a thread going on in a Google Business Help forum that involved local businesses owners who were getting stonewalled by the verification process. One business owner said that he had been stuck in this step for more than a month.

He wrote: "My Google [Plus] page is not appearing but it has been verified. The status up top says 'In progress.' This has been like that for over a month now … I have copied the URL links you have requested. The first link may only work when I am signed in. The second one is the link via Google Search engine. This is only showing 'About' and 'Posts.' Whereas within my setup there are meant to be four tabs showing About, Posts, Photos, Videos. It still remains to say 'Your PIN has been accepted and verification is pending.'"

Such a technical glitch can cause a big disruption in local SEO. But thankfully for the owner suffering from the month-long verification process, a Google employee said that a team of engineers would be on the case to rectify the approval issue.

However, it's not the first and only time local business owners have encountered Google Plus Local issues. One owner, who happens to be a local business owner in Australia, said that Google had reverted the area code of his international telephone number, making it increasingly hard for customers to contact him.