Study: Most Google+ brands lack engagement strategies

A recent study of Google+ brand engagement by analytics firm Simply Measured revealed that adoption has slowed down since the social network's one-month anniversary on December 7.

Using the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands list, researchers compared the results from December 7 to brand activity two months later, on February 7. Most interesting to note is that while 61 of the top 100 brands had created a Google+ page two months ago, only one - Honda - has made one since. This may mean brands that didn't create a page during the initial rush following Google+'s launch remain wary about the social network's ability to succeed as a local internet marketing channel.

Furthermore, brand activity has decreased. In December, 15 of the Top 100 brands were posting more than three times per week - that number has since dropped to 11. This lack of engagement once again points to brands' perceived lack of confidence in the site.

Researchers also measured how companies are engaging followers - either via photos, articles, videos or posts. Photos were by far the most popular form of shared content (60,486 pictures were shared among the Top 100), accounting for more than 65 percent of engagement on Google+. Articles followed, with nearly 29,000 adds, while video (16,317) and regular posting (8,887) rounded out the list.

The most popular engagement times were also analyzed. It was found that 86 percent of engagement happens between the working hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific Time), and 89 percent of all engagement takes place on weekdays.

Clothing company H&M claimed the top spot in terms of number of circlers (or followers) in the Top 100, with nearly 500,000 at the time of the study. Samsung came in second with 370,611 and Pepsi was third with 347,035.

However, when it came to actual engagement, H&M failed, engaging with only 2 percent of its circlers. More brands may want to follow Ferrari's lead, which displayed a 92 percent engagement rate. 

On a positive note, despite the lack of activity, 36 brands have more than doubled their follower count in the past two months, with 13 having surpassed 100,000.

In other Google+ news, Marketing Land reports that the social network has added new options to prevent spammers from infiltrating posts. An "X" button has been added to delete a comment, and a flag button lets users report spammers and block them from further comments.