Wordpress plugin developer creates share option for Google+

Facebook and Twitter both allow users to post links from outside sources onto the sites to share with friends. This is a typical feature, and one that regular social network users are accustomed to.

However, until recently, Google+ didn't contain functionality to socially share content from an external site. Alex Moss, Wordpress plugin developer and head of SEO at a Manchester, England-based search engine specialist, recently developed a modified +1 button that gives users sharing capability.

"I'd want to make sure this was available immediately or at least used the +1 button somehow to add functionality ... for all circles to see," Moss wrote, according to State of Search.

Moss' alternative share buttons are blue and grey, and show up instead of the +1 button. He noted that the graphic isn't as "pretty" as he'd like, and it doesn't allow for the option of choosing specific individuals to share with.

Yet this new addition can be useful for companies looking looking to utilize Google Place page marketing to share company listings and links to services.