Google Offers presents marketing opportunities for small businesses

Google's new product - Google Offers - will coordinate with Google Places to execute its Groupon-esque deals service in test cities New York and San Francisco, Search Engine Journal reports.

The search engine giant had previously tested Offers in its pilot city, Portland, Oregon, with positive results. The company plans to expand to Boston, Denver, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas, in the near future.

Google Offers works by providing a daily deals and allowing companies to conduct Google Place page marketing so users can find out more about the local company extending the deal. In addition, businesses will be able to utilize Google AdWords to promote hosted deals.

ZDNet reports that Google's inaugural offers in each city were to Pommes Frites, Azya Wine and Chocolate Bar and Tonnie's Minis in New York; as well as Bob's Donut and Pastry Shop in San Francisco.

The news source predicts that Google will integrate recently acquired digital loyalty coupon company Punchd into its initiative in some way, while PC Magazine adds that Offers will be embedded in the company's recently launched social network, Google +.