Google Places listing etiquette

Speakers at the SMX Advanced convention - a gathering of SEO experts that focuses on advanced search, marketing trends, techniques and topics - recently touched on certain steps businesses should take to improve their companies' Google rankings, Business Insider reports.

Claiming a Google Places listing, for example, can help a company secure its data and make sure its information shows up correctly on local search results.

In addition, a company doesn't necessarily need to provide Places with an exact category when claiming a listing. If a user's search correlates with the category, the company will still come up in search results.

Providing a business name and city keywords in the company's title tag has proven to be a successful method during the listing process, while phone numbers and addresses were deemed not as important.

The news source adds that community edits sometimes result in the addition of listings that should not be there, such as a company which used to be at the building's location. Managers must clean up mystery listings to help people get to the right place.

In a related story, Inside Facebook reports that the social network recently added an editor app for its Places software. It allows users to add missing information and flag duplicate locations.