Places listing optimization for businesses with multiple locations

Companies with multiple locations face unique issues when adding information to a Google Places page. If they're not optimized correctly, Google may mistake multiple listings for spam, severely hindering geo-targeted placement and local SEO results, Business2Community reports.

Since many companies with multiple locations still have just one website, it's important to link different accounts to different internal pages on the site rather than the homepage. This is because listings that link to the same website may be considered spam.

In addition, when optimizing a listing, always try to keep in mind that each location is unique. For example, add the specific street name each company location is on, or specify the specialty of multiple providers within the same building.

Furthermore, when providing an address, never use a PO Box. Instead, make an address unique by adding suites - even if suites don't actually exist. Listings that point to identical addresses can also be perceived as spam.

Lastly, always provide a phone number with a local area code rather than a toll-free number to signify the business is local.

No matter how many locations a company has, it's important to facilitate positive reviews from customers. Nerd Marketing Alert notes that Google's new Places page features reviews only from Google users, removing Yelp reviews altogether.