Google+ circles growing

According to a recent study from Simply Measured, more than half (64 percent) of the Interbrand Top 100 companies now have an active Google+ brand page.

As the six-month anniversary of Google's social network brand pages comes to pass, researchers took a look at how the Top 100 performed on the site between February 7 and May 7.

Among all brands listed, the number of "circlers" across all Google+ pages is up 138 percent from three months prior. This may indicate that both brands and consumers are becoming more comfortable on the network and hopeful about its future.

Of the Interbrand 100, which features top brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, IBM and Microsoft, clothing company H&M saw the most total posts on its page within the past three months (740), followed by Google's own page (571), Ferrari (515) and MTV (460).

Circlers among these brands are also growing, as 22 percent of the companies now have counts over 100,000, compared to 13 percent in February.

Finally, there seems to be a gap developing between the number of circlers in the top 22 brands (rounded out by Armani with 111,000 circlers) and No. 23, Adidas, which drops to 26,000 circlers.