Why You Should Be Using Google+

Everyone touts the powers of Facebook to grow your business. Facebook is great for reaching out to new customers and bringing current customers back in to see what you have to offer. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, and the site is very simple to use. Set up your account, build a page for your business and start posting. However, you shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket, and you shouldn't focus all of your marketing efforts on one platform. If you aren't branching out to other websites, you are possibly losing customers.

Where Else Can I Go?

There are so many other sites out there that are harboring potential customers. We all know about Twitter. You can blast out info on a current sale or special or exciting event in just 140 characters. What could be easier? Google is constantly coming out with new products and services to help their users get everything done in one place. Google+ is one of the fastest-growing social media outlets at the current time, and at the time of this article has almost twice the number of users that Twitter has. Google+ is available to anyone who has a free Google account. So far, the site is keeping out most of the spam and scams that you see elsewhere. And with all the other programs and services that Google offers, it doesn't make sense not to use Google+, especially if you already use a lot of Google's other services.

How Do I Do This?

First, set up a Google+ account. This is simple and takes merely minutes. Then set up your Google+ business page. Again, this is very easy to do and the site will walk you through the process, to take away the guesswork on your part. Once you are set up, set aside time on a regular basis to tend to your Google+ page and post updates. Easy, right?

Now What Do I Do?

Once your Google+ account is set up and ready to go, start reaching out to current and potential customers. Think of things that will pique their interest and draw them in. Post regular updates and news, but don't overwhelm your visitors with tons of postings and information. It can be difficult to keep everything straight, and visitors will click away in frustration. And make sure that you keep your business information updated so users can easily find you both online and in person. Connect with other users and use the site to network. Just a few hours a week can help you grow your business exponentially.

Google+ is one of the fast-growing social media platforms today, and if you aren't taking part in it, you will be left behind. By reaching out to current and potential customers on the site, you can grow your business and see your profits increase. The site is free and easy to use, so what are you waiting for? Get your account set up today and get going!