5 Unique Ways to Improve Search Marketing

Have you been looking for ways to boost your sales revenue?  If so, there's a good chance that you've been overlooking search marketing. When businesses take full advantage of search marketing, they immediately notice the benefits. Best of all, this form of marketing just so happens to be very cost-effective. Did you know that more than sixteen billion search queries are conducted each month, and this is just in the U.S alone? About 20 percent of these queries are "local in nature."  

Let's get right to it and take a quick look at five unique ways to improve search marketing

1) Take Advantage of Directories

Have you looked lately at all the directories on the Internet? There are literally thousands of them, and whether you have submitted your business information to them or not there's a good chance that these directories are already listing your business. You need to confirm your listings through these directories and take control of them. Most directories allow you to claim your listing for free. Better yet, you can quickly claim your listings and update any information that may not be correct, such as your business phone number and address. 

2) Create a Blog

Blogging will go a long way in increasing the brand awareness of your company. In fact, according to eCreative.com, businesses that blog tend to enjoy an increase in the number of web surfers who visit their websites, which ultimately leads to an increase in their sales revenue. 

3) Offer Local Discounts

If you want to increase your profit levels, you must give consumers a reason to conduct business with you. A great way to do this is by providing coupons via local search marketing efforts. Whether it be online or in a local newspaper, you should offer at least a 10 percent discount for first-time customers. A large percentage of the time, these customers will transform into repeat customers. 

4) Customers for Customer Reviews

When a consumer is on the fence of doing business with you they usually turn to reviews. Because of this, you need to consistently ask your current customers to leave reviews for you on your website. When potential customers research your business, they will come across these reviews, and if the reviews are positive, which hopefully they are, the potential customers will choose to conduct a transaction with your company. 

5) Use Social Media

With millions of people using social media on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense that some of your local search marketing efforts need to be carried out across a variety of social media platforms. You need to link your company website to all of your social media profiles as well as make a posting on each of your social media sites for each blog posting that you create. The more you increase your brand awareness across social media platforms, the more effective your search marketing efforts will be.