RevLocal Local Search Marketing | 8 Ways To Use Internet Marketing To Gain More Customers

Gaining customers and adding revenue is the whole reason you’re in business, so you want to make sure you are using everything around you to gain as much revenue as you possibly can. Internet marketing isn’t a new concept, but there are multiple ways to use it to your advantage.


There are 8 ways to use Internet marketing in helpful ways to gain more customers and more revenue in the marketplace.


1.         Email


People are always connected to their email, so when you plug your email lists into Outlook, you can generate a newsletter, an advertisement or push a new product. As long as your email doesn’t land in the junk folder, you’ve scored some attention.


2.         Twitter Feed


Research has shown that consumers want to be interactive with the businesses they use. You can use a Twitter feed to get feedback, ideas and more. If you find out what people want, you can give it to them – and watch your revenue grow as a direct result of it. The key to being active with Twitter is not to forget about it from week to week. Either schedule your tweets with one of the many apps out there or hire someone to tweet on your behalf.


3.         Foursquare


A lot of people use Foursquare to check-in at locations. If you take control of your location on Foursquare, you can begin to offer promotions for those who check in on a regular basis. People will go to businesses with promotions over those who don’t. You may be able to wield some new customers over just by offering some basic promotions on Foursquare. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but some promotion needs to be in place – a discount, a freebie or something else. If you want to use this Internet tool, you have to request control over your location, first.


4.         YouTube


Videos often rank higher in the search engines than web pages. You want to market with YouTube videos however you can. Commercials, how-to videos, and more can be integrated into your marketing campaign.


5.         SEO Keywords


Select the right keywords. If you don’t use the right keywords, you won’t be seen. Talk to customers and ask what keywords they would use. A survey can go a long way in ensuring you are targeting the right words in your campaign.


6.         Backlinks


Get backlinks out there to help your ranking. You can get backlinks from being a guest blogger, creating articles, press releases and much more.


7.         PPC Marketing


It helps to pay for clicks sometimes. Find a website that your demographic is frequently on and then learn about getting an ad onto that page. Or you can just create a PPC campaign on Google and Bing. You may also want to look into creating a PPC campaign for your business through an affiliate program. Let others find business for you!


8.         Mobile Friendly Pages


Internet marketing will always be there. What may not always be there is a computer. Consumers are using smartphones and if you want to use Internet marketing effectively, you have to have a mobile-friendly website. You cannot seek revenue if people cannot view your page on any device they use.