The Most Effective Forms of Online Marketing to Date

Business owners today know that marketing their products or services online is critical to the growth and even survival of their business. From in front of people all day at their jobs to in their pockets on their smartphones, the Internet is everywhere. Your business needs to be able to communicate with people in an effective, non-invasive way that will encourage clients and customers to return to you regularly, or at least recognize your company’s name and brand. Below are some of the most effective forms of online marketing to date, which can be easily employed in your own marketing campaigns.

Build an Email List

If you haven’t been building an email list for your small to medium sized business, start as soon as possible. People communicate as often via email, if not more, as they do by phone these days. Being able to reach out to each customer via email is as important as publishing an ad in a newspaper to advertise a sale or make a new announcement. Try to get the email address of each customer who comes in, so you can send announcements about changes to the company, sales you are having and various other forms of communication to keep your business relationship with them alive and well. It's also important the emails you blast out to your lists catch people's eye and make them want to open and engage with what you are telling them.

Put Time and Energy Into Social Media

Blogging, Facebook and Twitter are also integral to your survival as a business, literally making or breaking it based on the quality and frequency of your posts. As noted in the RevLocal blog, "or better or worse, social media has become a big player in how people communicate today, and for a business not to participate is like not having a phone. Failing to monitor and maintain social media relationships is like having a phone, but never answering it."  Therefore, it is important that you encourage every customer to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter, creating yet another line of direct, simple communication with them. By spending money on a talented writer or two to put together the company blog and emails each week, you ensure your content will be read more thoroughly rather than instantly deleted or discarded to someone’s junk folder. This is the new way people communicate, so it must be taken as seriously as anything else these days.