Top Local Search Marketing Trends to Watch

Almost 86 million Americans search local business information on their mobile phones. Half say they use their mobile device to conduct local business searches because they are on the move. Some additional statistics include:

  1. Over 60% of U.S. mobile subscribers own a smartphone (Nielsen)
  2. By 2014, mobile Internet usage will exceed desktop (Business Insider)
  3. 56% use their mobile phone for search, making it the top activity on mobile browsers (comScore)

The greatest impact of the Internet may be global information, but it’s increasingly critical to driving business locally. Summing up 2012, Forbes states:

"The marketing space covering social, mobile and local (or SoMoLo as some call it) saw phenomenal growth. Mobile marketing boomed and daily deals lost their hype, leaving many local business owners asking “what do I do next?”'

In view of the continuing shifts toward local search marketing, what trends should you be watching to succeed in marketing your business locally?

List everywhere with continuous updating

As Forbes predicts, the problems of listing your enterprise in every local online directory possible, and keeping your listings updated continuously — called 'listing syndication' — will be solved.

Your ability as a local business owner to maintain updated and consistent information across dozens of online directories has always been critical to your marketing success, but it's a cumbersome task. In this ever-changing New World of high-tech solutions, several startups have jumped in to resolve your problem. Get listed with one of the better ones today, especially if they'll clean up and sync your directory listings automatically, and watch your local business traffic grow.

Google remains the key player (and the one to watch)

In three important ways, search engine giant Google remains the key player in local search marketing, and the high-tech player you must continue to track carefully. Generally, they will keep making SEO optimizing more inscrutable and difficult to master. Geographically, their Google Maps, already huge in local search results, has just added new features to aid in local search. Socially, Google+ has developed Local pages for the specific purpose of helping your business benefit from local searches performed on their massive search engine.

Keep your eye on Google, and do what you can to master what they have to offer you in terms of local search marketing. Your success may depend on it.

Join forces with other local businesses

You might increasingly find it difficult to succeed alone in local search marketing. Joining forces with other local businesses facing the same issues helps grow your presence in local social media, pull local search traffic, and bring spending customers to your store. [KEO] Plan a sidewalk sale in your shopping mall, offer combined coupons, share social media networks . . brainstorm ideas.

By joining forces, you can all succeed together.