Using Google Analytics to Build a Better Blog

Building a successful blog or website takes more than just knowledge and passion. Yes, those are important, but ultimately, if you really want traffic coming to your website, you have to use the tools available to you. Fortunately, unlike many other industries, these tools are free on the internet.

Google Analytics: The best free tool on the internet

Google Analytics provides you with a full suite of data you can track, analyze and adjust through modifications to your website. It is real time (you can actually see how many visitors are on your website at any given moment), it is exhaustive and it is accurate. With so much information at your fingertips, it is imperative that you use this information to increase website traffic and engagement.

Increase Traffic

Google Analytics allows you to see exactly what your visitors actually view on your website. This provides incredible insight when it comes to choosing which type of article topic to post. As time goes on, you might have specific “feature” pieces that are published once or twice a month.

Increase Engagement

Google Analytics also allows you to see how long visitors are on your website and how many different pages they visit. If your website traffic is primarily used by customers who want to download or fill out forms, you can tailor the menus and overall flow of your website to respond to that fact.

In other situations, you might have potential customers who are visiting your website to find out more information about your company. In addition to improving how they find their way to as many “about” pages as possible, there are specific tracking codes built into Google Analytics that will allow you to see precisely where your website traffic is coming from.

If you are spending money on advertising, affiliate or any other type of marketing, it can be beneficial to see which specific campaigns are actually producing a worthwhile return on investment. Even if most or all are converting enough to be profitable, the success rate of one method over another could be sufficient reason to transfer your marketing budget.

Most Important: Google Knows You Exist

This is the most important thing about Google Analytics: It guarantees that your website will be crawled by Google! This fundamental fact makes Google Analytics worthwhile on its own. By using Analytics, you will have a significantly better position than anyone else on the internet. So make sure your website is actually registered with Google, and that all of the web pages are indexed.