Clever marketing tactics influence consumer behavior

The goal of any local internet marketing campaign is to encourage potential customers to buy a company's product or service. Business owners can increase their chances of conversion with a well-planned local SEO campaign, effective mobile marketing tactics or by simply putting out a good product.

However, ecommcerce blog GetElastic points out that other lesser-known factors - from aesthetics to alternative marketing techniques - also influence the buying habits of consumers.

For example, the media outlet notes that placing a bigger "Buy" button in a less-than-typical shape provides the most effective call-to-action and encourages consumers to add a product to their shopping carts.

Furthermore, using language in discount offers such as "up to" influences the buyer to think he or she could receive the discounted percent provided. Offering a range - such as 15 percent to 75 percent - is less effective, as many consumers may see the former number and get discouraged. Another language turn-off is the word "will," which decreases the persuasiveness of an ad.

Finally, marketing professor David Bell of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School found that consumers prefer free shipping over a discounted item, even if they'll save more on the discount. His findings were detailed in the online journal Knowledge@Wharton.