Google Analytics -- The Importance of the online data your business generates

Filtered Focus Marketing -- Concentrating on Google Analytics

Digital marketing firms compete with one another by promising to provide the highest quality and most diverse content and marketing strategies. Trying to provide different and unique marketing plans can lead to marketing firms failing to focus on the highest priority: Google Analytics.

Marketing firms can become so detail-oriented that the big picture is forgotten. While it is true that a great website, strong social media resources and cutting-edge trends are vital to the marketing of a business, the fact of the matter is, Google Analytics must always be a firm's highest priority for every one of their clients, as no other marketing medium can promise as much exposure. 

What Marketing Firms Should Never Prioritize Above Google Analytics

The Look and Function of a Website -- There are different philosophies in respect to how a website should look and function. Some marketing firms advertise their ability to turn a website into semi-contemporary art. Other firms sell clients on the idea that simplicity and functionality is ideal.

In reality, the number one priority for a marketing firm should always be getting the client's website as high on the list of search results as possible. Nothing is more important than page ranking. Period.

Social Media -- Marketing firms often offer packages that guarantee a company will be on X number of social media websites within X number of days of signing up with a firm. The fact of the matter is, social media websites are of little to no value if the company does not appear at the top of the results of a search query.

The participation of a company in social media rarely provides exposure to new clients. It's simply a means of keeping existing clients or clients from the past updated.

AdWords -- When a marketing firm develops a website for a company--because page ranking is partly based on analytics and partly based on the amount of time the page has existed--often times developers will insist their client pay for AdWords until the website has been around sufficiently long enough to garner traffic from having grown organically.

Unfortunately, since AdWords is so effective, many marketing firms fail to develop the analytics of a website. As a result, when the client stops paying for AdWords, their website disappears completely because it has not been engineered correctly for search engines.

And Everything Else

There are dozens of other marketing tools--marketing to mobile device users is a hot new trend, for example--that marketing firms will try to push. Simply, anything and everything that isn't analytics-related is window dressing because without page ranking, the rest of the marketing tools will never be seen by potential customers.