Holidays can represent profit opportunities

According to data from the National Retail Federation, 19 percent of all U.S. retail sales in 2010 occurred between November 1 and December 31. This stretch of time - the holiday shopping season - can represent as much as 40 percent of a retailers' total annual sales, so it makes sense to develop aggressive local internet marketing strategies to try to attain the highest revenue possible until January 1.

The news source recommends beginning campaigns as early as October 17 - the date national brands tend to begin theirs. This provides a clear advantage during the "gift idea" phase. One idea that may spark purchases is a gift ideas landing page, which features "Top 10" lists of presents for certain family members or demographics.

Furthermore, using video for product presentations may increase conversions by as much as 40 percent, the media outlet suggests.

Also, utilizing's promotional features can increase sales by allowing businesses to place pay-per-click ads on product pages catered to shoppers' tendencies. Selling directly on Amazon can also be effective.

Entrepreneur magazine warns that if a company begins its holiday campaign too late, it will likely be left behind, and should instead focus efforts on New Year's and beyond.