Facebook takes a cue from Pinterest and introduces 'interest lists'

Users may think it would be impossible for Facebook to become more personalized, but a recent development may prove otherwise, as well as helpful for businesses and their local internet marketing efforts.

Today, Facebook announced it would be launching what it's calling "interest lists" for users. These lists will allow users to transform their Facebook accounts into their own personal newspapers, with sections such as Business or Politics, as well as more targeted interests.

The new development draws on tactics from Twitter and the popular Pinterest. Acting as a compilation-oriented tool, users will be able to subscribe to specific pages or subjects, gathering disparate posts under specific topics.

"It's a way to create (and subscribe to) feeds of pages and public figures you like," Bob Baldwin, Facebook software engineer, said, according to All Facebook. "Now, when you like a page, the like button will change to a 'liked' button and show you a menu of your interest lists (before it refreshed the whole page and the button disappeared). This matches the new subscribe button."

Earlier this week, Facebook added a new "want" button to users' Timeline profiles, allowing businesses greater access to consumers.