Social media to take more prominent role in marketing

According to a recent study from PointRoll and Kelton Research, national and local internet marketing professionals are expanding on the number of outlets they're using to reach consumers, eMarketer reports.

The Marketing Tools Study 2012 revealed that only 9 percent of marketers average two or fewer tools in a single marketing campaign. The majority (33 percent) deploy between five and six different outlets, while 13 percent reported using 10 or more.

Among the tools available for marketers are social media, mobile marketing, targeted marketing, display advertising, rich media, search advertising, out-of-home (OOH) marketing and traditional advertising strategies.

Given consumers' shift toward digital, it's no surprise that only 15 percent of respondents expect to increase their traditional marketing budget in 2012. What's more, 12 percent said they won't use traditional methods at all.

On the other end of the spectrum, social media reigned supreme, with 79 percent of marketers planning to increase spending on such platforms in 2012. Sixteen percent plan to spend about the same as they did in 2011 and a mere 2 percent said they won't use the outlets.

Following closely behind were mobile marketing initiatives, which three-quarters of respondents planned to increase this year. Tablet marketing was next (66 percent), and then digital display ads (59 percent), rich media display ads (55 percent) and search advertising (37 percent).

Social Media Examiner's recent Social Media Industry Report echoed these results. Researchers found that 92 percent of marketers planned to use Facebook in 2012, with 72 percent planning to increase Facebook activities.

In terms of other social media outlets, the report revealed that 76 percent of marketers plan to increase their YouTube usage, especially as more consumers watch video on their smartphones, creating another outlet for companies to draw traffic.

Sixty-nine percent expect to expand their Twitter budgets - with messages most likely to be of the time-sensitive, customer service or daily discount variety, the DOB Marketing blog explains. The news source adds that marketers are currently investing at least 21 hours a week on Twitter, quite a large commitment.

Sixty-seven percent will invest more in Google+. Google's social network was also found to be the number one platform marketers want to learn more about.

Finally, 86 percent of those polled plan to increase or continue blogging efforts.