Turning Your Conversion Into a Sale

Alright. You have the best keywords, ads, and landing pages that money can buy. The leads are there--whether via contact form completion, mailing list signup, map interactions, or phone calls. But you haven't seen an increase in sales. Why?

The truth is that advertising only gets you halfway there. Directing service-seekers to a business is like leading the horse to water; it's up to you to take that potential customer and get them to drink. How can businesses accomplish this?

Answer the Phone!

This advice may seem to border on the absurd, but the amount of calls that are driven to businesses but go unanswered would shock most people. That single call may be your one chance to secure a sale; if a potential is met with a machine (or worse yet, nothing at all), they will likely move on to the next result on their list.

Remaining available sounds obvious, but can be more challenging than it seems. Creating a method that works for you and helps to "catch" all lead is important.

Follow Up

If you have received leads via email or form fill, do your best to return their interest as quickly as possible. Even an automatically-generated message acknowledging receipt of a contact form is better than nothing at all. Memory span is short, and making sure that you stay in the forefront of someone's mind while they are researching and selecting a business or service provider matters.

Get Regular

Finding time to develop these guidelines for yourself is often difficult. Particularly for small businesses, it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to devote resources to creating a plan of action, and following up on leads sporadically. To help, Marketing Sherpa suggests setting a given time daily (or even weekly) reserved for this task. Consolidating contact to-dos into a single period will conserve energy and time, and ensure that those delicate, valuable leads don't wilt!

There are many tools available to help organize and expedite this task--from automated calendar reminders to easily-customized form letters.

Pinpoint the Problem

Of course, if you don't know where the problem is, you can't fix it. Finding out where your leads are leaking will tell you what you need to know to run a tighter ship.

Many online marketing services offer a detailed breakdown of connections by type, and can offer insight as to where the communication drop-off is occurring. Some even offer a look into the time of day that connections are being missed, to help you develop the best plan for nurturing your leads, and improving your sales.

Don't be afraid to ask your agency for help. That's their job!