Ways to improve upon PPC optimization

A local internet marketing professional's pay-per-click ad campaign doesn't have to end when he or she has optimized all copy, titles and URLs to SEO specifications and best practices.

Ann Ehnert, marketing coordinator at SteadyRain, writes for MarketingProfs that another option is to incorporate sitelink ad extensions to drive more traffic to a company's website. Sitelink ads are the URLs that appear right below a paid search banner, and offer additional suggestions for the target audience.

Google's AdWords page explains that companies can create up to 10 different sitelinks, which can be beneficial because they show shortcuts, minimize work and are easily interchangeable.

Another possibility, according to Ehnert, is to try to obtain seller ratings, which are positive reviews of online stories aggregated by Google Product Review from other review sites. If the business achieves 30 reviews with a four-star rating, it is eligible to receive higher marks, notes Marketing Profs.

Finally, if a business mergers its Google+ and AdWords accounts, users who have +1'd the company page can appear below the ad copy, highlighting the business' presence on social networks and allowing visitors to be recognized.