3 Ways To Enhance Your Visibility In Google Search

You can no longer rely on the Yellow Pages to help you with marketing. The average consumer doesn’t even have one of these books in their home. What they do have is a computer. This means that you need to use the internet to help with marketing your business. Most consumers have traded the Yellow Pages for the search engines – and there are three effective ways to enhance your visibility within them.

SEO Keywords

There are hundreds of companies around the world that use the same keywords that you do to market. When you use local search marketing techniques, you will be able to drive more people to your website.

Consumers have learned how to target their searches in keywords. They no longer type “cupcakes” when looking for a local bakery because they know they will get everything from recipes for cupcakes to cupcake bakeries around the world. Instead, they will type in “cupcakes + city” in order to find out where they can buy cupcakes in their city.

Regardless of whether you are selling cupcakes or something else, you want to use the local keywords to help you. This can include your city, town, or even neighborhood. Narrow in on your target demographic and refine your keywords to ensure people can find you easily.

Paid Searches

It can be advantageous to use paid searches from time to time. This is a form of online marketing where you pay the search engines to place your website at the top of a search before the actual search results are displayed when someone looks for a particular keyword. If you are competing with a lot of different companies who are targeting the same SEO keywords as you, you may not be able to rank as high as they do.

The simpler solution is to use paid searches to place you at the top of the search engine result pages based upon a few keywords that you want to target. Each time consumers use those keywords, your company name will appear at the top – and this will generate more hits to your website.

Get Reviewed

You want to make sure that your customers are leaving reviews for you all over the internet. Some of the most obvious places that you want to have reviews are Google Local and Yahoo Local. These are major directories where people will look for businesses and be able to read reviews at the same time.

The reviews in Google searches are more important than ever before because they are being used to determine rank. The verbiage used in the reviews left by your customers is used for the purposes of sentiment. If there are good words used in the reviews, you will have positive sentiment and therefore be ranked higher than a company with negative sentiment in its reviews.