Announcement: Free Call Tracking for Client Websites!

By Mike Christie, Product Manager

It's time for a quick announcement. We are rolling out a call tracking and recording feature to our RevSites (locally optimized websites) at no additional cost.  

The new call tracking and recording feature can help be beneficial in a few different ways: 

  1. Tracking calls will help you better understand the value provided by your local search plan. While this won’t capture every lead provided by local search, call tracking can help provide a clearer picture of what kinds of leads are coming from your local search strategy. 
  2. Recorded calls give your strategist a glimpse into how customers interact with your business. What questions do they ask? Where does local search fall into the buying cycle? What changes should be made to improve the strategy? These are just some of the insights your strategist can pick up from listening to these calls. 
  3. You can use it as a training tool as well. You have access to all the recorded calls in our online reporting dashboard, Reveal.  

We’re excited to see how this will help grow our clients’ businesses. Contact your strategist today to discuss how to take full advantage of this new feature.