Current Trends in Online Marketing: Local SEO Is Driving New Business to Your Door!

A prediction is that local SEO will lead marketing in the coming future. RevLocal can direct your business on how not to miss these important opportunities in your field, as well as provide its other stellar support to your business. There are other important marketing trends as reported by Forbes Magazine. The magazine has recently featured an article on online marketing trends to expect in the coming year, in addition to the new trend toward local SEO:

  1. CONTENT MARKETING WILL STAND OUT MORE THAN EVER. Content will be used not only to establish authority but to generate leads and engage the client base.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WILL REQUIRE MORE DIVERSITY. Innovation and creativity will be needed.
  3. CONTENT FEATURING IMAGES WILL STAND OUT. Pictures/designs will be the leaders in marketing effectiveness.
  4. OFFERING THE CLIENT A MORE SIMPLE AND SUCCINCT MESSAGE WILL RULE. Simple, straightforward messages will be needed.
  5. KEEPING CONTENT MOBILE-FRIENDLY WILL BE ESSENTIAL. The message must be capable of displaying on a mobile device without sacrificing a quality image.                                                                                      
  6. ADS WILL NEED TO BE TARGETED TO THEIR EXACT MARKETS. It will be important to ensure your ads speak to your target audience. 

RevLocal, a professional team of online marketers, can help you with the growing trend in online marketing: the growth of local search engine optimization (SEO) to drive new business to companies.

The advent of the Internet has changed the way the business world markets to its intended audience. "Local Search Marketing" is a new supplement to traditional SEO in driving traffic, as handled by in the arena of online marketing. See

The thrust of marketing today has switched to the Internet for the purposes of selling to existing clients and attracting new clients. Businesses use local search marketing tactics to make themselves more visible on the web, specifically on major search engines. Owners have moved on from the Yellow Pages to a digital format, where they will be able to connect with a broader audience.

Online marketing requires the continued application of best SEO principles through content marketing in order to remain relevant.

A major SEO campaign can still serve businesses that engage in a newer SEO model focusing on local SEO to draw in new clients as business partners and new business models create increased inbound marketing opportunities, as well as generate a new source of local business leads to existing companies. The impact of using local SEO is that when it converts lookers to buyers, the conversion is done in such a way that new business literally comes to your physical door. Local SEO can be effective in driving a conversion rate higher. See                                                    

 RevLocal has tracked its success in its publication RevNews, where it offers its customers the following business advantages as it engages the businesses with online SEO capacity:

  • Listing distribution
  • Enhanced listings
  • Monthly consultation with the client
  • RevLocal shows how using local SEO can convert more local business