Going the distance with viral content

Traditionally, television has been the go-to channel for reaching a broad audience. However, the advent of local search marketing and social networks have changed the situation.

Now, businesses are creating viral marketing campaigns that can move from digital to traditional channels if they turn enough heads. Creating viral ads is more work than businesses may believe, as Nick Radmore, head of social marketing and brand at the British Heart Foundation, warns that one can't just post a video on YouTube and expect it to do the rest, Marketing Week reports.

Instead, marketers and businesses will need to take timing, potential for distribution across multiple channels and what content will appeal to their targeted audience into consideration. Perhaps surprisingly, Radmore insists that the real work may come after the video is done.

"We used our Facebook page and Twitter account to allow followers to preview, share and ‘like’ the video and we had a lot of success," Radmore told the source. "We put in a huge amount of effort to get bloggers involved as well as journalists on digital and traditional media [...] You need that impetus to get people going off and searching for content and sharing it."

Businesses will also need to ensure they're prepared to handle the potential attention they may receive from their viral videos, which may mean preparing plans ahead of time.