Google AdWords plans to phase out demographic bidding

Change is coming to local search marketing on Google. However, few marketers and businesses have caught on to alterations.

According to Google's Help pages, demographic bidding on AdWords will begin to be phased out on March 21, Search Engine Land reports. The online media giant plans on replacing demographic bidding with new AdWords features, but the company remained mum on what those products would actually be.

"This is a feature that we have to retire to introduce additional features down the line," a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land, adding that the removal of demographic bidding will be necessary to the introduction of new features.

Search Engine Land speculates that the removal of demographic bidding may be part of an effort to launch a more advanced, robust demographic tool using its own data collected from its social network, Google+, rather than data provided from other websites.

For now, demographic data will still be available. Currently, the company hasn't indicated it would do away with demographic exclusion, though.