Google AdWords tests email marketing format

Google offers many tools and techniques to help small businesses improve their local search marketing initiatives. One of the most popular is AdWords.

Now, the company is testing out a new method that could help small businesses use AdWords successfully through email marketing, Marketing Pilgrim reports. Google is now experimenting with a new format to see if consumers will ask for more information about a company's products or services if a box for their email address is included in featured search results.

Basically, consumers just need to add their Gmail account address, and they can receive more information about a product and company. Currently, the new format is only being tested for Gmail users, but depending on the success it could be expanded to anyone using the Google search engine.

"I will say that initially the visual change in the AdWords space is very noticeable and draws a visitor's attention," Frank Reed writes for the website. "As to how quickly people get used to seeing it and develop ad blindness to the technique, it’s anyone’s guess."

Google recently introduced AdWords for Video to improve companies' targeting of consumers on YouTube.