Incorporate Google Plus for local search optimization

Incorporating social media into local search marketing is an important part of increasing brand visibility, but it's becoming an increasingly good idea to make Google Plus part of that strategy. Fast Company points out that not many had faith in Google Plus, seeing it as a site that will never be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but that may change soon. The social platform is actually part of a bigger Google plan, with Dave Llorens, Fast Company contributing writer, predicting Google Plus will see tremendous growth in the coming year. The reason for this is because Plus may not have been designed to be a direct competitor to Facebook - it is much more than that.

Google is incorporating its other products and platforms with Plus at an incredible rate and is expected to become a central place for all of its platforms to function. This means that videos, maps, images, books and local search, among others, will all be found in one location. Llorens also states that the best way for businesses to locally optimize their sites is to launch a Google Plus Local Business page to allow viewers the easiest and fastest way of contacting the company or finding out more important information.

How to merge platforms
It may be time to integrate both Google Plus and local search for better online visibility. The easier customers or prospects are able to find businesses online and get in contact with them, the more willing they will be to invest in their products or services. Here are three tips from Small Biz Trends about combining Google Plus and local search:

  • Get ready for future advances on the Google platform. Businesses should merge their Google Plus Local page with the Google Plus Business page, but new rollouts may come sometime in the future and offer new local optimization options.
  • Make sure to fill out the Google Plus Business page correctly. It's not possible to integrate if the business is set up as a brand. Instead, list it in the local business/place category.
  • The Local page doesn't offer as many opportunities as combining it with the Business page would. The upgrade won't be available and companies won't be able to reap the benefits of the new features.

In an effort to stay on top of the changing trends that could impact future success, companies should look into incorporating Google Plus in their local search strategies and make the most of their profiles.