Local Search Marketing | How More People Use Search Engines to Find Local Businesses

More and more people are using search engines to find a business they want to interact with. And not all of this is due to choice. Some people are being forced into using a search engine if they want to find a business other than by driving past a billboard. Why? When’s the last time you saw a Yellow Pages? They are virtually obsolete in today’s digital world.


As a result, you need to focus on the search engine as well as the future of Internet searches to be able to promote your business effectively.


Many people are learning about how intelligent their browsers are. When they want to search for something, the Web browser knows their location thanks to GPS. This means that the first few searches on a result page are based upon geographic location.


The next few searches are usually videos, which some people will use especially when they are looking for a how-to manual or something else that is better in a visual format. This means that if you are not using video marketing within your SEO campaign, you may not be getting the business that you were hoping to.


Not everyone is using the search engines on their computers, either. Many are using their smartphones in order to search for a business via a search engine. Due to a smaller screen, they are only looking at the first two or three entries. This means that if you are not at the top of the list, you aren’t going to be seen by the masses.


Additionally, if you don’t have a mobile optimized website, it won’t matter if they can find you or not because they won’t be able to read all of the material that you have in place – and this can cause a customer to hit the back button and go for your competition.


The average person doesn’t know how to use a search engine. They simply type in a few words that they think are going to help them and hope for the best. They may or may not use a geographic tag anymore because they have figured out that the search engine knows what they are looking for. They may or may not be using the same keywords that you think are so important to target, either – and that means they may never find you.


There are some search engines that have their own browser, too. Google Chrome automatically sends people to Google when they search. Plus there is the whole intelligent search feature that lets people enter in one or two words and then Google makes suggestions based upon what they think people are trying to find. And the average person will go with these recommendations.


By understanding how people use search engines, you can cater your SEO campaign more effectively. You may want to rethink using a geographic tag on your keywords. And you may want to rethink your keywords, too.