Local Search Marketing | Local SEO Tricks Can't Replace Quality Content

You’re a local business and you know that in order to function, you need a website, and that website needs content.  You might be a fairly decent writer, or you might be farming out the writing – in either case, it’s really tempting to just hunt up the quickest traffic boosting tricks and hope they lead to sales.

Local SEO Tactics, What You Need to Know

There are some things about Search Engine Optimization you need to know to rank and draw visitors – placement of search engine terms, how to attract local visitors, how to determine your best search terms.  For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume you’ve done that.  If you haven’t yet, our article on Conversion Rates for Local Search Traffic can give you a quick head start.

None of those tricks will tell you this essential fact – you need to offer something to your readers.  That’s why they come.  They learn something, are entertained, or just generally like you.  From liking, they trust.  Build trust and you create customers.  Online content works exactly the same way the old brick and mortar model did – people patronize the businesses that took the time to build relationships with them.

Building My Network with Socialization

You’ve heard a ton about social media.  You’ve read articles like, "How Your Social Media Savvy Can Make or Break Your New Business."  But, isn’t social media different than your web content?  No.  It’s really not so different.  The platform changes, but the idea remains.  Your website needs to speak directly to your audience, with the same personal touch you’d expect walking into someone’s office.  More than that, it needs to offer something that makes their life easier and more enjoyable.

None of the tricks that an expert offers will give you validity.  If it did, anyone could just copy the formula and have a winning business.  In truth, running a website is work.  It means developing content that speaks to your customers, all the time. 

Keep your reader in mind.  Speak to them, offering them what they need.  Be a good community member.  And be honest.  Honesty is probably your biggest asset.  People can spot a sales pitch a mile away.  They don’t want to stick around a website that’s little more than an infomercial in print.  You may very well be the best at what you do.  But, as the saying goes, “Show me.  Don’t tell me.”

How do you show that?  Build content that showcases your strong points, without asking for anything in return.  When your visitor base begins to trust you, to recommend you, to quote you on the topic, you’ll see how quickly those referrals turn into customers.  Building a thriving website is just like cultivating any relationship – it takes time, but is well worth the effort.